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Kirsten Kairos, Voiceover Artist

"I highly recommend Ellen Teeman, as she has exceeded my expectations, and continues to remain an invaluable source of knowledge. She arrived not knowing much about tracking residuals in the entertainment industry; yet with an incredible amount of patience and a stellar attitude, she was immediately willing to sit with me as we discovered together how to best organize the company books. Her expertise has allowed me to feel supported as I move my business forward. She harnessed the chaos, and produced a sense of calm. I am very grateful."

Dr. Henry Graff, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, NY

"E.T. Datahelp knows computers from Able to Zebra. Ellen Teeman turns the computer's complexity into simplicity for even the densest mind. I am everlastingly in her debt for showing me painlessly and swiftly how to process my words and get on the Information Highway. As a teacher for many years, I can say without qualification that Ellen is a teacher's teacher par excellence."

Michael S. Urso, CPA/PFS, CFP

"I have been working with Ellen for approximately three years. She maintains and updates the various books and records of a client of mine. I have found her work to be accurate, easy to follow and always up to date. She has handled some of the most complicated transactions with complete clarity and is a privilege to work with."

Roxana Robinson, Author

"Ellen Teeman has been my able and reliable guide through the cyber world for ten years. I'd never have learned this strange and immensely useful new language without her thoughtful, patient and responsive help. She is always there when you need her."

Barbara Lang Stern, Author

"I really loved my IBM Selectric Typewriter and was reluctant to try learning the computer, even though I'm a writer and needed to be computer literate. Then I met Ellen Teeman. She led me carefully but firmly into the modern age. She is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with-with a good sense of humor, which I believe she needs with me."

Ellen Devey, Programmer, Customer Support & Marketing Rep., IBM

"As an old hand computer professional, I am most impressed and can not rave enough about the company's service. Ellen Teeman's teaching is also most professional and patient and just about the best I have seen. With ET Datahelp you will be in the hands of a very talented, patient and knowledgeable teacher."